The Story of Stacey Abrams

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Stacey who really liked counting.

She was born in Mississippi, a beautiful State with a very famous river running through it, that gave life to many tales and legends. 

Stacey’s parents were both Methodist pastors and she was the second-eldest of six siblings. Yes, six!

“One - Andrea! 
Two - Stacey, that’s me! 
Three - Leslie, where are you Leslie? 
Four - Jeanine!
Five - Richard! 
Six - Walter! Walter! Raise your hand immediately”

Stacey loved making a roll call of her brothers and sisters, as they were walking home from Church, all giggly with excitement from being on their own like grown-ups, their little feet running in puddles and fields, rushing back to a marvellous Sunday roast with deliciously tender sweet, sweet corn. 

In order to give their kids better opportunities at school, the family then moved to Georgia, a sunny State right by the enormous Atlantic Ocean, where the air is sweet and warm on most days, and smells of peaches and grits. 

Stacey was an incredibly gifted student: she excelled in all subjects, and when she was in first grade, she was ahead of the rest of the class. In cases like this, what normally happened was that the student would be invited to skip first grade and join second grade immediately, but in Stacey’s case there seemed to be a hold-up.