• We publish children's books that celebrate diversity and inspire families to take action for equality.

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Hello there!

Doctor Li and the Crown-wearing Virus

This is our first book. We created it to combat the Anti-Asian sentiment on the rise as a consequence of the racist propaganda some political leaders
have used during the pandemic.

It’s important that children around the world know that the first hero of the pandemic was, in fact, a Chinese doctor named Doctor Li Wenliang, the ophthalmologist who first raised the alarm that a novel coronavirus was spreading in Wuhan. Doctor Li was threatened with imprisonment by the Chinese authorities, but this didn’t prevent him from speaking out.

In this beautifully illustrated book, a smart 7-year-old, May learns about Doctor Li’s courage and, inspired by his example, she takes action in her community to cultivate hope, resilience and positivity through a difficult time.

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